Top authors in the big4

It has been one year since I wrote any blogs, how time flies. Recently, I read Li Li's project on who the top researchers are in software engineering and security field, so I want to do a similar one on security myself. As a computer security researcher, your goal is to get your paper in the... Continue Reading →


Notes on CSS WS 2015

I have participated computational social science winter symposium (#CSSWS15) at Cologne for the past three days. It is organized by GESIS located in Cologne. #CSSWS15 invites a lot of superstars to give great talks, half of the participants are with socialogy backgrounds. I keep some notes here about #CSSWS15. 1) Professor Sune Lehmann's work on... Continue Reading →

Busy end of the year

2015 is about to finish, and I'm in an extreme busy mode. (Well, that's why I decide to write another blog? ) Life is better compared to this time last year when I was alone in Luxembourg and didn't to know what to do in the future. Well, it still doesn't change that much, Marcela is... Continue Reading →

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