Taipei City

I have been to many famous cities in the world (it is not that hard when you live in europe since the city density here is significantly higher than other parts of the world). Among all of them, I love Taipei city the most. I spent my summer there in 2010.

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Taipei has the best (Chinese) food in the world. Beef noodle, hot pot, fried buns or even oden in 7-11  …., sorry I don’t have that many words in my arsenal for describing food in English. You can find amazing food in almost every corner of the city (in a pleasant price). What is more amazing is you can find 7-11 in every corner, Taiwan has the highest 7-11 density in the world, the whole island has more than 6,000 7-11. Besides, you can also see family-mart and other convience stores. It is quite often to see two 7-11 and one family mart on a small street which seems a little bit absurd, but people enjoy it, I enjoy it.


Taipeiness is proud of their metro system. Although there are not many lines, but every metro station is clean and commuters comply with the order. Taipeiness in general are quite polite, I played basketball in Taiwan University’s campus and the people there (most of them are more than 40) are really nice to hang out with. Especially when they know I’m from Shandong, they ask me a lot of questions.


Taipei is city of art and music, I believe more than 70% of Chinese pop music are produced in Taipei. Arts lie in every corner, clean graffiti (I don’s really understand what I see in Europe), installation arts and …… There is an amazing bookstore named Elite, it opens 24 hours and you can read what you like for the whole night. I guess research papers can do the same thing…


However, I’m not sure if I go to Taipei again, I’ll have the same feeling like 4 years ago. Life has changed a lot, I’m not a student anymore, I mean going to class, doing exams and enjoy holidays. Life has to continue, doesn’t it.


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