Top authors in the big4

It has been one year since I wrote any blogs, how time flies. Recently, I read Li Li's project on who the top researchers are in software engineering and security field, so I want to do a similar one on security myself. As a computer security researcher, your goal is to get your paper in the... Continue Reading →


Notes on CSS WS 2015

I have participated computational social science winter symposium (#CSSWS15) at Cologne for the past three days. It is organized by GESIS located in Cologne. #CSSWS15 invites a lot of superstars to give great talks, half of the participants are with socialogy backgrounds. I keep some notes here about #CSSWS15. 1) Professor Sune Lehmann's work on... Continue Reading →

Busy end of the year

2015 is about to finish, and I'm in an extreme busy mode. (Well, that's why I decide to write another blog? ) Life is better compared to this time last year when I was alone in Luxembourg and didn't to know what to do in the future. Well, it still doesn't change that much, Marcela is... Continue Reading →

Taipei City

I have been to many famous cities in the world (it is not that hard when you live in europe since the city density here is significantly higher than other parts of the world). Among all of them, I love Taipei city the most. I spent my summer there in 2010. Taipei has the best... Continue Reading →

blacklist for social networks

In popular social networks such as Facebook, users can decide who can access their photos.  A user may only allow his friends to view his photos or friends of friends to see his profile. This is the so-called relationship-based access control schemes where a user can only access a resource if he is in a certain... Continue Reading →

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